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Majority of trucking companies are concentrated in the port city of Karachi. The two ports in Karachi make up 95% of Pakistan’s international trade, so the city is a hub of transport activity. Pakistan Map
This is one of the basic facts of the trucking industry. When we look at the social and economic side of drivers who are the lifeline of the industry, we need to address their basic issues to raise their living standards. Some issues may be resolved under the CSR program and some issues need to be addressed by employers, with less dependency on government and a sustainable business model to compete in the CPEC era.
Government needs to pay attention to HTV licensing. Most drivers are deprived of an original HTV driver’s license. Our survey shows that only around 10% of drivers have an original license. Institutions need to encourage drivers to obtain an original driver’s license, and the licensing authority needs to pay attention in this specific area to resolve this issue. Our drivers are very good, but we need to award proper facilitation to encourage ethical practices.
As a society every stakeholder should contribute to improve the road transportation sector; 90% of our logistics depends on road transportation. Why we are ignoring it?

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