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Partnerships are a key component of Transport Workforce Support project. We are making an effort to redefine it by addressing the social aspects of transport workforce it will enhance logistics efficiency of 1,000s of SMEs in transport and logistics sector in Pakistan.

World leaders agree that increased trade is the key to achieve greater economic prosperity. Currently, trade is highly inefficient due to outdated methods to manage the flow of shipments from shelf to shelf, including the lack of integration among trade participants. This significantly impede the growth of trade.

Commerce, finance, insurance and logistics are the four main pillars of trade. While logistics is the linchpin connecting the world, due to fragmentation and inefficiency it is also by far the weakest of these four pillars.

Therefore, we must learn from history while leveraging 21st century tools. In 1956, the world witnessed the birth of the marine container. This simple idea revolutionized global trade, making it more secure and dramatically reduced the costs of trade.

Furthermore, more efficient logistics will also enhance the efficiency of commerce, finance and insurance, and thus increase trade and boost the world economy.

Our expertise & network can be of important value in programs that foster youth employment, and women entrepreneurship, or strengthen value chains. Our senior expert volunteers have in-depth business knowledge .

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