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Transport Workforce Support is looking for senior experts

TWS is constantly looking for new volunteers wishing to share their knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs in transport sector and emerging markets. We are interested in contacting men and women up to 70 years of age, with an in-depth knowledge of work. You may for example be a source of expert knowledge about the Road Transport, Freight Brokerage , Logistics industry, CSR , Healthcare sector ,Insurance , Leasing , Tracking , Freight Forwarding,, Motorway Police , NHA , HTV Licensing , Safety Training , the environment or hospitality ,IT related work and you are willing to make your experience and expertise available for projects that last on average One Month.We also ask from you:

  • You are available to execute a project at least Once a year
  • You are willing and available to professionalize yourself as an expert (for example by attending to a training provided by TWS)
  • Your flexibility is such that you are able to execute a project within a period of two months
  • You have approximately 15 years of working experience, preferably in a developing country
  • You view the transfer of knowledge and experience as a challenge
  • You speak and write Urdu , English well (Regional Languages are an advantage)
  • You are able to make a decent corporate analysis and report in English, and are able to provide aftercare or follow-up advice
  • You are adventurous, flexible and like to meet people from different cultures

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